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An automated email is sent to the SkyHiNews early on the Thursday before your talk. The SkyHiNews posts the information in the paper for a week starting the Friday before our meeting. If you don't have your information updated by the Thursday before your talk the email goes out with your name and "TBD" which looks dumb and usually does not get into the paper. Please try to get your talk information updated before the Wednesday meeting prior to your talk.

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1982018-01-24Stephanie RalphconfirmedStephanie RalphAccess Grand: Adding power to your library card. Access Grand gives library card holders free access to cultural and recreational opportunites in Grand County
272018-01-31Sean Richardsonnot confirmedSean Richardson 
1692018-02-07Bob Saintnot confirmedBob Saint 
312018-02-14Jeffrey ShawconfirmedAaron BlairGranby Trails Update
302018-02-21Tim SchowalterconfirmedPam GilbertEquador Update
2232018-02-28Adam Walkernot confirmedAdam Walker 
2152018-03-07Leslie Wiesenot confirmedLeslie Wiese 
1752018-03-14Susan Bairdnot confirmedSusan Baird 

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If you have conflicts with the schedule, please arrange a change of date with another member.